Try me!

**Examine me , O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. For thy loving-kindness is before mine eyes: and I have walked in thy truth. ** Psalm 26:2

David’s prayer is one of the most transparent of prayers in the Bible. He is aking that God searches deeply into his heart to find whatever may still exist there that is not completely surrendered to him.

David trusts God with such a request because in verse 3 he tells us that he remembers his mercy (loving-kindness) so he knows that God will not demand every little crumb that He finds. But also, because he can trust him to deal honestly with him and not deceive or betray his trust.

David understands that God will not be severe or cruel in his reactions to David’s darkest secrets. He knows this because he has already experienced God’s mercy, forgiveness and patience. Also, God recognizes David’s continued sincerity in following God with his whole heart.

There is no doubt, nor is David afraid, that God will find those dark places of his heart. David trusts God to deal with him fairly, and mercifully for all that He finds there.

David’s understanding of God is a bit different from Job’s. I think that Job was more about the religious activity of his faith, loyal that it was. It was if Job thought if he could just keep doing all the right things, he could keep God’s anger at bay. Maybe that is why he was so mad and disillusioned with God when he faced his heartbreaking trials.

But David presented his heart and life as a living sacrifice. He put himself on the altar every day. Not third party animal sacrifices. He held himself accountable for his own sins, mistakes, feelings, actions and attitudes.

David is a great example for all those who call themselves Christians…followers of Christ. He was surrendered to God’s will, pure of heart, not vengeful, transparent, humble and open to whatever change or disruption to his plans that God sent him.

David’s life gives us so much insight into what pleases God. I imagine that Jesus Christ spent a lot of time in the Psalms studying David’s life and heart. As God, He already knew about him but as a man, born of a woman, I think He appreciated the hands on reminders of how to live out life on this earth and still please the One that created it.

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