The Quickest Road to God

** For thy name’s sake, O LORD, pardon my iniquity; for it is great. ** Psalm 25:11

Simple. Straightforward. Honest. Sincere. Real.

Prayer from the heart, without preamble. Frank and genuine.

If we want to get close to God, the best way is the quickest way. Don’t make it complicated.

If we are in trouble, keep it short and sweet.

HELP LORD!!! (Psalm 12)

If we are broken….


Because, what other words describe such intense pain from loss or injury?

If our own dark heart, actions or words overwhelm us and we want our heart to be given a complete washing and reset….

** For thy name’s sake, O LORD, pardon my iniquity, for it is great. **

Pardon my iniquity for it is great. One can’t get much more real than that! That is brutally honest! My iniquity is great!

The amazing thing is that God is right there, so close, that his answers usually come as quickly as we send out the prayer!

Many years ago, as a brand new believer in Christ, I was riding shotgun for my brother as we went to the airport to pick up family. The front tire of the truck got caught in a snow pile along the highway. The snow pulled the truck deeper into the shoulder, then off the road as it skimmed across the top of the snow mounds, losing all traction and rendering the brakes and steering completely useless.

As I looked out my window, I realized that we had lost control of the truck. I saw a very tall, highway light pole to our right and we were heading straight for the 3 foot tall concrete base of it….right smack at my door level. Did I mention that I was also 5 months pregnant with our first child?

There was no time, nor did I know any fancy prayers for concrete impact, so what did I holler out?……

GOD HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The truck stopped one millisecond later, about an inch from the concrete block of that lamp!!

When you are in trouble, just let it rip, quick and to the point. God is there and will answer.

There are other examples of different prayers in the Bible, some longer than others. But the ones that resonate with me most are these quick, get to the point prayers of David.

There was also a time that I remember that I sent out a ” from the heart” prayer. It was the day I first knew that God was talking to me and wanting me to let go of my own ways and start listening and following him. I was visiting my in-laws church and at the end of the preaching, I sensed God drawing me out of the crowd and inviting me to put my life back into his hands. By the time I had moved about 6 feet, I was ready to talk to him. Nothing as eloquent as David’s prayers. Just a sincere admission directed to the Lord…

I…….. GIVE ……..UP………………that’s it………I GIVE UP……

At that moment, that is all that I could manage. My heart and mouth froze up at that point…..

But later, I was able to clarify what I meant…

I give up on trying to do things my way… I give up on trying to fix my marriage alone….I give up on thinking that I have all the answers….I give up on trying to find happiness in the wrong places.

And God was there, to accept my surrender and to help me find a better way of dealing with my life and my issues.

So, when it comes to emergency prayers, keep it simple. When it comes to needs of the heart. Keep it simple but allow God to show you how to clarify what you are really looking for.

He will be there for you.

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