A Series on Psalm 23

** The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.** Psalm 23:1

Perhaps this is the most well known verse in the Bible. It is simple, short, concise and complete in its few words.

In moments of confusion or feelings of abandondment, this verse puts us on solid ground.

On any given drive through the countryside in Spain you will come across one or more flocks of sheep. Usually wandering down the road looking for access to green pasture. Seeing these sheep being guided by their shepherd is a comforting and peaceful portrait of 24 hour care and concern.

Shepherds rarely take vacations. They understand that there are many dangers that could harm or end the life of one of their sheep, especially the youngest and most vulnerable so they never leave them unattended. They are ever watchful for wolves or coyotes that may attack or dangerous ravines that an unsuspecting sheep could fall into.

Shepherds watch over the health and well being of their flock every day. They are willing to put their own life at risk in order to protect them. They go without a shower, a warm bed, or human companionship for days on end in order to lead their flock to healthy green pasture. They help the sheep to fulfill their purpose to provide wool, milk and food for their family and for others. Their life is a life of sacrifice, assuring the well being of each individual sheep.

As Christians, we can learn much from these shepherds and their willingness to give all for their flock. Their lives and duties teach us how vigilant and caring and faithful our God is as our Great Shepherd. He is always on duty. He puts our needs first. He faithfully provides and cares for our every need. And he uses every day examples to help us learn more about Him.

I hope you will join us for this series on this amazing Psalm of Hope and Comfort and Rest.

Please feel free to share your experiences and perspectives in the comments section so we can all learn more about our Great Shepherd.

May His peace and protection be with you.

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