The Value of a Woman-Strength

**She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms. ** Proverbs 31:17

We can look at today’s verse as a summary of what we have studied so far in this chapter….

The P31 woman strengthens herself.

v10… She adds value to herself, adding to her virtue and making herself indispensable to those around her.

v11 & 12…she strengthens her own heart and her gut. She knows that men, not even her own man, are not perfect. She knows she needs to fortify herself against his flaws. She needs to forgive and show grace and mercy. She understands that her husband cannot and will not fulfill all her needs. That is God’s responsibility. She does not have too high of an expectation of him. She lets him be human and then builds him up to be the best that he can be. Her life is not engulfed solely in his. He feels safe in her love and care.

v13…she is not afraid of work, and new skills. She uses her time wisely and productively. Inner strength keeps her moving forward.

v14… She finds a way to get it done. Whatever her limitations of finances, geography, climate, or reputation she doesn’t give up.

v15…Weather, hour of day, sleep or lack of it, she is still up and ready to do what needs to be done.

v16…she deals with today and she looks to the future. Her mindset is not, “do the minimal and then rest”. It is “do all she can and she will rest later.” Her hope is not tunnel visioned. She keeps her options open. She has many resources. Her most precious one being people. Those she loves and those she chooses to love. She invests her money and she invests herself in others.

v17…She is Virtuous…She is Strength…strength personified….Every woman has at least a few of these qualities. Each of us are strong physically so we can care for the daily needs of our lives. We are strong inwardly, capable of facing the tough times. The heartbreaking seasons. We can get back up after being knocked down. We wrap strength around us like armor. We strengthen our arms as mighty weapons against life.

Who can find a virtuous woman? Just look in the mirror, she’s looking right at you!

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