Value of a Woman-Visionary

**She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.** Proverbs 31:16

I love this verse. It is full of good thoughts….let’s dive in…

First of all, we can see the literal application. The P31 woman is an entrepreneur. A visionary. She sees what could be. She knows how to save and sit back and wait for the perfect opportunity. Verse 16 tells us that she values the natural. She can see potential. There will be fresh fruit for her family, vines full of leaves for shade from the Mediterranean heat. Dried grapes (raisins) for the winter. Wine for celebrations. (Remember this is Mediterranean Culture, not American). And any surplus can be sold or traded for other family needs.

So, gardening, getting back to nature, dirt therapy are all P31 approved!

We can also dig deeper. ….

She considers a field….someone or someones that need faith. She sees their heartache, their desperation and their emptiness and considers how she might help them. She DECIDES it is time to do some sowing and planting in their hearts. She is the same visionary but this time she sees the potential of a lost soul. The possible ripe fruit they can yield. Maybe they are the next Paul or Peter or Timothy. She considers a field and buys it. She isn’t going to miss the chance to reach into someone’s life and sow some eternity into their soul.

Some time ago my ladies and I did a study on hands. I recommend it to anyone that loves a good word study. The Scriptures teach us many, many things about our hands. Here, the P31 woman’s hands are busy planting a field. Literally, she is planting grapes. Spiritually she is planting a soul harvest. Her hands work simultaneously in her today and in her eternity. She recognizes both responsibilities. And she does not shy away from either.

So, ladies, look for a field. It is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere so we can all plant a little field somewhere. Most important, we are all surrounded by hungry people who would love some juicy spiritual grapes. Start planting those seeds of love and understanding and listening to hurting hearts. Who knows, you may have the greatest harvest you have ever seen.

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