The Value of a Woman-Protective Faith

** She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.** Proverbs 31:21

We have looked at several characteristics of the P31 woman. Today we see again her providing hand and her protection.

**She is not afraid of the snow**….she is not afraid of cold, wind, hardship, trials, isolation, hunger, shortages or hard work….because she has cared for, provided and taught her family well. They have seen her walk through trials with strength, grace, patience and faith. They know what to do when the storms and troubles come. They know the stories of Moses, Joshua, David and Hezekiah. They know the difference between right and wrong.

Yes, her family will struggle. But they will grow and flourish under the trials. They will not be left out in the cold because their faith is an active faith, not a religious one, just like their mother’s.

**All her household is clothed with scarlet**…in the Spanish Bible, scarlet is translated “ropas dobles”-double clothing or two layers, thick clothing. This P31 mom has made sure her family is protected from the cold and storms. Physically she has made or bought what they need to battle the cold. But also she has fortified them in their faith to face the trials and tough times of this life.

She has not spoiled and pampered her family. She has done what needed to be done according to her skills and has taught them that their faith needs to be wrapped around them like a warm garment to keep out the cold and wind and rain and snow of life.

The P31 woman teaches us to be visionaries. To think of what could happen and to teach them how to face it with faith and courage. To know how to have the right tools, like a warm garment against the cold. Like Prayer and Scripture. Our children, and spiritual children as well, see the world as a playground and rarely see the dangers lurking around the corner. Their faith and their hearts are pure. Mom and Dad’s job is to see the dangers and teach our children what to expect and how to respond to it. We need to do it wisely, at the right time, age appropriate and personality sensitive. It is our job to give them spiritual layers to keep them warm in the cold and protected from the storms of life.

**She is not afraid of the snow**….she faces it and life with faith and vision. She prepares her family for what they may face and prays they will remember in the midst of their trials. Their double clothing is her lessons and her prayers.

How well are our families dressed today?

Let me know what you think!