The Value of a Woman-Self Worth

**She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple. ** Proverbs 31:22

Self-esteem is different than self-worth. Self-esteem is all about me. It is exalting me above others. It is an attitude of superiority and snobbery.

But Self-Worth is valuing who we are. Valuing our being. Valuing our existence. Valuing our purpose. Valuing the fact that God created us and that alone gives us value. Valuing that we are an important part of the human race. Psalm 139 tells us that we are **fearfully and WONDERFULLY made**. Self-worth is self-respect and it is honoring to our Creator.

Tapestry is a very intricate and detailed piece of cloth. Many threads, colors and designs are intricately woven together to produce beautiful and artistic patterns. We can consider that the P31 woman puts purposeful attention to her wardrobe and we can also consider that she allows all the daily details of life to weave a tapestry of wisdom, kindness and compassion into her heart.

**Her clothing is silk and purple**….materials of Royals. Silk is delicate and expensive. It is derived from the cocoon of a silk worm. It requires much time and effort to produce silk. Thus its price.

Purple signifies royalty. Bathsheba became David’s wife. She is the mother of David’s successor. She was married to a king and she is the mother of a king. She was clothed in silk and purple.

As Christians, we are promised to the King of kings. We are his bride. We are future queens. We are destined for royalty. These promises should help us to see our self-worth and encourage self-respect. The Creator of the Universe is waiting expectantly to marry us! Such a beautiful future should reflect in the way we dress. It did for the P31 Woman. She was clothed in silk and purple.

As women and future queens, we should be working simultaneously on our inside as well as our outside. Little by little improving in both areas. Obsession with our looks means we are ignoring the beauty that needs to flourish inside. Obsession with “godliness” may mean we are ignoring the exterior.

Let’s remember that the P31 woman guards the heart of her husband. Does our appearance keep him focused on his wife or on someone else’s wife? Does our attitude, self-talk, or verbal communication draw our husband’s attention towards us favorably or does it give him an excuse to stay away?

**She maketh herself coverings of tapestry**…let’s all do some weaving. Let’s add some flair to the inside and to the outside. Let’s think like a queen, act like a queen, and dress like a queen. It will surely get the attention of both our earthly and heavenly king, don’t you think?

Let me know what you think!