The Value of a Woman-Compassion

**She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.** Proverbs 31:20

Hands. The P31 woman’s hands are her emblem. Her identifier. Her logo. She uses her hands to care for those who are hurting, and to be productive and fruitful. To strengthen her household. To meet the needs of others.

Sympathy is a feeling. Love and compassion are action words.

Miss P31 sees others’ needs and does something about it. Something tangible. She writes a note of encouragement or comfort. She makes a meal or a plate of cookies for someone in crisis. She gives generously to those with financial need. She teaches and supports those who need direction. She forms a team of helpers if needed.

She goes to the hurting, stretching herself out of her comfort zone. It costs her something to help others. But she does it willingly. She walks with them through their trials. Her hands and her time are available and open for them.

Whether it be her spouse, her children, the people she meets in the marketplace, her neighbors, those that share her faith and those who don’t, she is conscious of their needs and she does what she can to help.

But, let’s remember from verse 17, that she strengthens herself first. She is full and cared for through her faith. What she receives spills out onto others. She doesn’t do it to her detriment. She doesn’t do for others and neglect herself. She gets strong first so she can give wisely.

She already has her home in order. It is stable, cared for and loved. There is support and faith in her home. Stepping out to help others does not detract from her family, it enhances it. What she does and who she is influences those around her for good. Her efforts are multiplied through her example.

Miss P31 continues to grow, adding virtues each season of her life. She is teachable and kindhearted and ready to help those that she encounters from day to day.

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