Made in Heaven

**The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him;  and without him was not anything made that was made. **John 1:2,3

Yesterday, we saw that Christ is  the Word, The Living Word.  His life on Earth shows us how to live from day to day according to what is written in the Bible. He acted, reacted, responded and was the essence of His Word. 

He was born as all men are, from a woman. He was also born in a manger, humbly, without any privileges.  He grew up in a large family and He learned the family business as a carpenter.   He began his ministry when he was 30 years old and 3 years later he died an innocent death, on a torturous cross, for our sins.

Today’s verses tell us  a couple of details that we should also know about Him.

He WAS. 

He is the Creator of the universe.  

The verb ‘to be’ has two different references.  One  is our state of being. It  describes the kind of person that we are.  Or it can explain what it is that we are doing at any given time. For example: I am female. I am tall. I am hot.  Or  I am walking. I am talking.  I am here. These express state of being, actions, or location.   

The other use of ‘to be’ is about our existence.   We are,  we exist. 

This same verb tells us about Jesus Christ. 

He is the son of God.  State of being. 

He was in Jerusalem. Location  

The same WAS in the beginning with God. State of being and location. 

For me,  the most important form of ‘to be’ when it comes to Jesus Christ is the idea that He WAS.  He existed.  All of His being.  All of his Essence. Always.

All of his characteristics were present, and existed before the beginning of time.  

**In the beginning WAS  the Word.**

John 1 and Genesis 1 are in agreement. Jesus is the Word, and His Word created the universe. 

Jesus Christ  existed, just as the father God existed, and the Holy Spirit existed, since the beginning. 

Also, He existed in human form on the Earth.  

Now, He exists today in spirit, and in our hearts.  

He will exist for all eternity. 

He IS, He WAS and He WILL BE. 

John 1 and Genesis 1 are in agreement. Jesus is the Word, and His Word created the universe. 

The Book of Genesis explains to us in verse 3 …

**And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.**

God SAID… He spoke…He used his voice…. His words

As the Living Word, He created light.  Jesus Christ did it.  He and the Father and the Holy Spirit working in perfect Unity.   These three, as One, created the universe  with their voice. 

So, we have two details about Christ

 He is the Word,  and He is the Creator. 

He created through His spoken  Word,  because his word can bring life out of a void. 

Just like He did for you and me. He recreated us out of the void in our heart. 

These are two important, fundamental details to understand who He is.

 Because if Jesus Christ gives life with his Word,  what does this mean for us?

It means that we can find life because of the word of God,  we can find it in the Bible.  

If we want a new beginning in the depths of our being,  to be newly created,  where can we find that transformation?

In Christ… because the Living Word is His and He is the creator of all new  living things. 

Let me know what you think!