No Greater Joy

Before my conversion at the age of 24,  I lived a normal everyday life based on the teachings of this world and this generation.  In our home,  God was not often spoken of.  Although my parents had a Measure of Faith,  God  was not discussed on a day-to-day basis.  They did the best that they could with the knowledge that they had,  but I grew up with many doubts and  questions and confusion about what was right and wrong,  and who God really is.

 After my conversion, I understood that it was my responsibility to read the Bible to find the answers to  these doubts and questions and confusions.  As I read what was for me a brand new book,  I was amazed at what I found written in it.   After living a life of fairy tales,  dark stories of witchcraft and vampires,  contrary teachings in school, at home, and in the University,  these new fresh words from the Bible resonated with my Soul.  It was as if God was taking  a covering off of my eyes and that   all of a sudden,  light  brightly shined into my world of Darkness.  I knew in the depths of my heart that what I was reading was the truth.

In the Gospel of John chapter 17 it says **Sanctify them through thy truth:  thy word is truth. **

 In the same gospel, in chapter 1, the author is speaking of Jesus when he says: 

** In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.**

So,  in these verses we see that the Bible is the truth and that Jesus Christ is the truth.  In part, this means that when we read the Bible, we are reading the truth and the author of it is Jesus Christ. It is an amazing thing to think that the Creator of the universe has written a book so that we can learn about Him.

In  John 14,  Jesus says,

**  I am the way,  the truth,  and the life:  no man cometh unto the father,  but by me**

Do we see the beauty in all of this?   If the Bible contains the true words of God himself,  and Jesus Christ is the Word…  in reading the Bible we are hearing the voice of God…the voice of Christ… 

What other reason do we need to read it every day?   

Jesus Christ tells us here  that we  cannot approach the heavenly Father if we do not begin our journey with Jesus Christ. The main way, today, that we can hear from or understand who Jesus Christ  is, is through the word of God.  Whatever it is that we do not understand about God, heaven, salvation, or how to live our lives today,  the Bible is the best place to find the answer to these questions.  If we have doubts, confusion or  conflicting information in our lives, let’s go to the source of Truth to find the answers.

Going back to the verse that we began with… 

**I have no Greater Joy than to hear that my children walk in truth**

Moms?  Daughters?  Grandmas?  Are we setting an example of walking in truth?  Is God joyful in us as his children?  Does He see us walking in truth?  Do our children demonstrate Joy because they understand that they live in a home that is based on truth? Do they have that security?

 From these verses, we can see that everything begins  with truth.  Truth will  build a strong home, a United Family.  It will give us clear direction and will not steer us to a dangerous path.  Truth will fill our homes with joy when it is lived, taught and honored on  a daily basis.  Let’s share this truth with the next generation. 

**I have no greater joy….**

Let me know what you think!