Transparency and Dependence

** I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. ** Psalm 32:8

David was habitually transparent in his prayers. If he was walking in strong faith, or if he was full of doubt and fear, he openly confessed all of it to the Lord. He was never phony or fake before Him. However life was going for him at any given moment, that is exactly how he approached God.

He prayed on his good days and on his bad days. With joy or with tears. Many times he encouraged himself in the faith. Many times he received something extraordinary from God to help him to stand again. Whatever the Lord’s answer to him was, David thanked or praised him for the victories and for the hardships.

Because of David’s example, we can all learn how to be more transparent and sincere about ourselves and the reality of our faith or lack of it.

I believe that because David was so transparent and honest before the Lord that He was able to use David in some extraordinary ways. Many times, including in this Psalm, the Lord used David’s words to give us prophetic passages. (v3,4)

Also, in David’s use of Selah, (3x in this Psalm) shows us that he took his time writing a Psalm. He took time to think and to listen and to allow the Lord time to speak through him to us.

After this third Selah, as David is meditating on the blessing that God is his Refuge and Protector, God speaks….

** I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. “

The Lord also warns him… to basically not be a stubborn mule and deaf to his instructions in verse 9.

But his encouragement is that He will be with him all the time. Leading, instructing, helping, guiding….never taking his eyes off of him.

Is that not amazing? The Creator of the Universe tells him and us that He never loses sight of his children?


He is always working in our favor. Always guiding us through the next valley or up the side of the next mountain. He sees everything and knows everything that is happening in our world. Whatever is happening in our lives is happening for our good, no matter how it feels. No matter how strong or weak our faith is.

As the Father’s children, we can enjoy the same care and attention that David received.

But I do think that David’s sincerity, his transparency before God, earned him some amazing insight. David depended on the Lord all the time. And that dependence was rewarded.

He had some magical God moments. Saw amazing victories over his enemies. Received outpourings of grace in his dark days. Was used to give us prophetic knowledge. And mercy was poured out on him every day for his acknowledgement of his shortcomings and unstable faith.

David had an personal, intimate, transparent relationship with his God. I wonder if my relationship with Him could be described that way?

Let me know what you think!