A Time to Rest

** And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.** Exodus 33:14

Any job, whether secular or ministry, whether at home or at the office can drain our energies and mental or physical strength. It can also test our connection with the Lord. The need to keep going and just ‘get it done’ can sap us of our compassion, patience and sensitivity to the needs of others. That is why we are called to rest. To take time out to get some fresh perspective and renew our energy.

In Mark 6:31, the Master tells us ** Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while**

A desert place….camping, boating, travel, adventures… at the lake or in the mountains… here or overseas. Anything out of the ordinary or anywhere that we can disconnect from daily routine and be able to renew our desire to give our best. Somewhere that we can refresh ourselves and reconnect with our family or friends. Or maybe, truly a desert place where we can be alone. A place where we can be quiet. A place where we can hear again. A place where we can renew our vision for the future, for our family, for ourselves.

The past 4 months my husband and I have traveled from Spain to Alaska to Colorado to New Hampshire and Massachusetts and more. We have covered a lot of territory by plane and by car and have renewed our relationships with brothers and sisters across America. It has been a beautiful and rewarding journey.

But, because of the many miles, the hotels and restaurants, the meetings and the speaking engagements….

….the snow storms, passport problems, health issues, covid issues, paperwork, car trouble, chats into the night, and the heartache we found among so many….

I am tired. Physically, mentally and spiritually. I have been pushing myself to ‘get it all done’. And there is still more to do. I am ready to rest. Ready to press pause. Ready to have time to meditate. Time to hear instead of speak. Time to be instead of do.

** Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. ….Learn of me….and ye shall find rest for your souls.**

Before we get on the plane, I will be spending the next few weeks getting my soul and spirit refreshed. I will be listening for the still small voice. I will come apart and rest.

I hope each of you will have that you and Him time this summer. To step away from the busyness and get filled up. To renew your vision. To know where you should focus and what to let go of. To know what He would have you to do. To let go of human expectations and only please Him. To find rest for your souls.

Let me know what you think!