The Value of a Woman-Worthy of Praise

**Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also and he praiseth her.** Proverbs 31:28

Much of the Bible teaches women to respect and honor their husbands. Sara calls Abraham lord. Esther does not approach but waits to be called before the king. Ruth serves and accepts the Jewish mandates in order to be considered as a bride to Boaz. They are women of meekness and quiet spirits.

Then there is Debora, who goes out against Sisera and with Jael’s help, kills Sisera and wins the battle over Israel’s enemy. Rahab, who risks everything to protect the spies’ lives and the lives of her family. And Abigail who defies her husband’s foolish ways and feeds David’s armies, pleading for mercy and for the lives of her loved ones. They are fierce women, warriors, heroines of the faith.

The P31 woman is all of these women rolled into one. She is submissive yet fearless. Honoring yet unstoppable. She has learned kindness, wisdom and resourcefulness. She has earned the praise and blessing of those who know her best.

Most young children love and praise their mothers. “My mommy is the best mommy” or “My mommy makes the best cookies.” But as the years pass, their mother’s attributes are forgotten en lieu of self discovery.

It is time and personal struggles that teach a growing child the treasure that they have had in their mother. Once they become parents themselves, they recognize their sacrifice and unconditional love. It is then that Praise and Honor flows more readily from their tongues.

Husbands do praise their wives, as Boaz praised Ruth. Unfortunately, it is usually when their wives become ill or absent that they see the great value that their wives have brought to their lives and to their families.

Over time, life and parenting and grandparenting has helped me to personally see the value of my own mother and mother-in-law. Now, I can see their perseverance, their kindness and generosity, and the fairness that they have shown their children and other’s. They never give up, or give in to the trials and hardships that life has thrown at them. They are always ready to face another day and encourage others to do the same.

Whatever season of life you are in, know that though praise and honor may be scarce in your today, the time for it is coming. Your loved ones will appreciate all that you have done for them. They will speak highly of you to others. They will want to emulate you in many ways. And you will know that all of your sacrifices will be worth it.

Tomorrow, we will look at a spiritual side of this verse. I hope you will join us.

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