The Value of a Woman-Perspective

** She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. ** Proverbs 31:27

Full disclosure, this verse threw me for a loop. I have read it over and over and asked myself, what does this mean? So, I am going to share a few random thoughts. I would LOVE any feedback to get more insight from my readers!

When reading this chapter in its entirety we see a long list of wonderful, productive things the P31 woman does. She works on her marriage, her garden, her art, her finances, her charities, her businesses, and her attitude. What I find interesting is that between every few verses there are verses that talk about her increasing her strength. Consciously. And I would think, unconsciously.

Here in verse 27, I think the virtuous woman may be stepping back and getting some perspective. She clearly is committed to do all she can to care for her family. She is not lazy, she does not waste a lot of time.

I think she is also trying to not lose sight of her family’s potential. She oversees everything, and has a hands-on attitude to keep everything going. Also, her hard won wisdom tells her that busyness is not all there is to life. She recognizes the need to see how her family members are doing. She is concerned about what they are doing and how they are dealing with life’s issues.

It is as if this amazing superwoman is stepping back and seeing how things are going with those she loves. Maybe she is checking in with each of them to see how they are processing whatever season of life they are in. Teens, young adults, toddlers….Maybe she is understanding that life for her girls is different than life for her boys and she wants to talk to each of them about their responsibilities, fears, challenges, priorities, desires.

She is not idle in her work, but she is also not idle in guarding the hearts and minds of her charges. She knows when it is time to stop doing and start listening. To stop being a Martha and start being a Mary. To sit and listen and learn and discern. That is how she is keeping her husband’s heart and does him good. She knows that ultimately the quality of life she wants for him and for her children has more to do with their heart, mind and spirit. Everyone loves a nice home and financial security, but a strong marriage and children that have the capability to face life’s challenges have a higher priority.

It seems to me that this superhero woman knows how to step back and keep her perspective on what is most important. She does that **one thing (which) is needful**. She fills herself so she can fill her family through the simple things like listening, enjoying down time together, using teaching moments throughout the day to guide them and give them a solid foundation of good and wellness.

**She looketh well to the ways of her household**

What are you thoughts?

Let me know what you think!