Lighting the Way

** For the word of the LORD is right; and all his works are done in truth. ** Psalm 33:4

The Psalms of David have a few recurring themes. One is regularly encouraging us to praise and give thanks to God. Another is about how amazing His Word is.

Here, in Psalm 33, David reminds us that we are to ** sing unto him with a new song; and to play skillfully with a loud noise** BECAUSE….** the word of the LORD is right!

The pure person of God, who He is and what He does for us gives us many reasons to praise Him. We have talked about it several times here at

Our salvation is a great reason to praise the LORD.

But, here, in verse 4, David reminds us that God’s Word is right. I don’t think he only means that God is right, correct, or true.

I also think it means that God’s Word does not fail….it *does not fall to the ground**… it is not useless or powerless. It accomplishes ** that which He pleases**. It prospers wherever it is sent.

God’s Word does not fail. It has no errors, it always brings fruit.

It changes hearts, it saves souls, gives hope and is a **lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. **

It shows us the right way to walk. The right way to do things. The right way to think. The right way to be.

When I began to read the Bible, it was like having a pure, rushing waterfall flow over me, washing away years of all that is wrong.

The Word of God gives life. Since the first moment of creation, it is God’s Word that has brought light and life to every corner of the universe.

So, if we run out of things to praise and give thanks for…we can thank Him for His Holy Word.

Let me know what you think!