Light the Way

** They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed. ** Psalm 34:5

The treasures found in the Scriptures are limitless. We can read them day after day for years, decades even, and still find something new, something deeper, something that completely clarifies everything for us.

When Moses came down from the mountain and his very up close and personal extended time with God, his countenance had changed. The book of Exodus tells us that….**Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him.  And when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone…**

Being in the presence of God changes us. Being before His Word changes us. Moses had both.

We also have both.

The Trinity dwells within us, we are always in His presence. We don’t have to hang out on a mountain for 40 days to find Him.

His Word is available to us, in print. It changes our hearts, thoughts, perspectives and philosophies. It gives us a new outlook, well, on everything.

In verses 1-3 of Psalm 34, we see God’s people bless, praise, boast, sing, magnify and exalt His name. We also see that all that positiveness affects those around us. They are impacted by our words.

In verse 4, we talked about our talking to Him. That our words impact God! That they change lives, starting with our own.

The first 4 verses are all about us.

Here, in verse 5, the subject of the Psalm changes….THEY…who are they?

The ones that heard our praise and blessings?

The humble? **the humble shall here thereof and be glad**….?

Which brings us back to Moses. Time spent in God’s presence and in praise and worship reflects on our face just like it did for Moses. He was lightened. And that gets people’s attention.

The word ‘lightened’ here in verse 5 means to sparkle…with light…it changes our emotions…it makes us cheerful…we know what to do…where to go…what to say…we have confidence in the Lord’s leading…the pieces come together…we walk on a lit path.

After my college studies, I found a job with a sportswear manufacturer. I had to drive 45 minutes at 6 a.m. every morning to get to work. It was a bit terrifying. Yes, I had headlights, but dark, winding country roads, half asleep at 6 a.m….not fun. I would have loved to have one of those huge spotlights to light my way each morning. It would have made the drive so much easier. I would have been happier and more relaxed.

When others hear what we have to say about the Lord, it either draws them to Him, or it makes them run the other way. Obviously, we want the former. We want others to find the same light that we walk in. We all prefer to walk on a lighted path instead of a dark country road.

We want them to be as confident in the Lord’s leading as we are. And they will be.

IF we are also confident.

IF our words are of praise and faith and glory for HIM.

IF they are not complaints or gossip or backstabbing words.

IF they reflect our trust in His leading.

IF we talk about all the great things that He has done for us and in us.

IF we are willing to be a little less popular because HE is our number ONE!

Then, yes, they will be lightened also. Their path will be clearer. The way will flow forward like a beautiful stream for them.

The light is available for everyone. It’s our job to shine and help others find it, by using wisely the privilege of having the Creator of the Universe dwell within us. And by allowing Him and His Words to shine from within us.

Let me know what you think!