Family Love

**When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.** Psalm 27:10

There are several different chapters in the Bible that are full of rich information and encouragement. They have so much content that we could live and learn, if were it necessary, just off of those chapters. For me, Psalm 27 is one of these chapters. Every verse is worthy of much meditation and gives joy and direction for every day life.

Verse 10 gives hope to anyone who did not have a perfect childhood. They missed out on the purity and innocence and protection of a healthy family. Or perhaps they were rejected or abandoned by their family. Maybe their mom could not care for them or their father was not present. Maybe tragedy struck and tore the family apart.

God is not limited by our circumstances. Psalm 68:6 tells us ** God setteth the solitary in families.**

How faithful and tender is our God. He adopts the abandoned and broken and puts them in his family. He tells them…Now, you belong to me!….You are now MY child…I will NEVER leave you….Because God is not like flawed humans.

He also will give them their own earthly family. Usually within the family of believers in Christ. A father or a mother that will spiritually adopt them, help them, support and encourage them. They will show them love and faithfulness. Just like God does. The brethren will also pray for them and desire to see them live victoriously.

Perhaps you are one of the abandoned. Or perhaps you are the person that is supporting the rejected. God is using you to be his ambassador of love and acceptance.

Our job as Christians is to always be on the look out for those who are living a solitary life and pray for a way to show them God’s adoptive love. We are to help them enjoy and celebrate their new family in Christ, to support it, pray for it, defend it, love it and teach them to never be the one that divides it or abandons it or damages this precious eternal family.

Brotherly love and unity is essential for the advance of the gospel. Jesus told us to love one another. Because if the world cannot see that we are a different kind of family than what they have, what are we offering them?

Love covers all sins, mistakes and shortcomings. Love erases our sins eternally. Love builds bridges and tears down walls of mistrust. Love puts us in a family. Love draws the wounded, hurt, rejected, abandoned and hopeless.

Love gives us a family.

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