Be a Seeker

**When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, LORD, will I seek.** Psalm 27:8

Our God desires to have an interactive, two way relationship with us every day.

He wants to hear our voice, He wants to share his heart with us as we share ours with him. He never tires of hearing from us and listening to our heart’s desires.

God loves to know and see that we depend on him. He loves it when we ask him to step in and solve our problems.

And then there are those times when we hear a little voice in our head telling us to call someone, to pray for someone, to send a note or to bring a meal to someone going through difficult times. That little voice is the still, small voice of God speaking into our heart and mind and letting us know that He needs us to help him with a problem.

That is why I say that it is a two way relationship. We need God for everything!! We should be putting every hour of every day before him and asking him for guidance and help. But the thing is that God needs us too! He is All Powerful and All Knowing and even Ever Present but, He wants us to help him with other people’s problems so that we can share in the joy of helping someone get through a tough time.

Because that is who God is for his children. He just wants to help us and protect us and guide us around the rocky roads. Just like any other parent wants to do for their children.

So, when you hear that still, small voice reaching out to you, it is Him, calling you to his side, wanting to spend some time with you and wanting to share some of the blessings with you as well.

He calls out to us…..**Seek my face**…and our answer should be….**Thy face, LORD, will I seek.**

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