Do you Believe?

**I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.** Psalm 27:13

**Unless I had believed to see…**

David came close to throwing in the towel many times. But he also learned how to encourage himself again and believe that God had not lost control of his many difficult situations.

David had marital problems, family problems, job problems, leadership issues, friendship issues, sin problems and deadly enemies.

But when things got bad, he looked for God’s goodness. He remembered what God was capable of. He remembered the many times that God had gotten him out of a tough spot. He remembered what God had given him to do. Not something that he was looking for, but something divine.

David was a shepherd. He served at the pleasure of his earthly father. He did what he was told and made the best of it. He wasn’t ever planning or thinking it was even possible to be a king. And I imagine that he had no idea what being a king would be like.

As Christians, we all have something that God has given us to do. Maybe it isn’t being a king, but it is important. Whatever it is, it should be done with faith. Faith that God didn’t make a mistake when He told us to do it. Faith that carries us through the things that we had no idea we would have to face.

Faith that will reflect his goodness and his faithfulness and his guidance every day.

Faith that will rescue us on the tough days. Faith that will give us strength to face today’s problems. Faith that shows others that God is real TODAY!

David was not a supernatural being. But he did serve One. And it showed most of the time. His life reflected the influence of a supernatural force that guided him, protected him and blessed him.

And when things got really bad, David leaned even harder into that force. That supernatural presence of an invisible, all powerful and all knowing God. A God that could restore broken families, heal relationships, avenge enemies, conquer evil, and that faithfully, diligently showed his goodness to those who love him.

The question is….Do you believe or have you fainted?

Let me know what you think!