Are you ready to sing with the nations?

** Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. ** Psalm 23:6

Our psalm finishes with two final promises. The blessing of God here in our earthly life every day and the reminder that in eternity we will be in his presence forever.

Instead of God being at our side every day watching over us, we will be at HIS side, praising and worshiping him and living in our promised home built by his hands and heart.

As we praise and worship the LORD there in heaven, we will continue to learn all there is to know of him as we will see him as He is and all of our questions will be answered. We will have perfect communion with all the saints from every generation. And we will serve him joyfully for all eternity.

This life here, today, is simply a rehearsal for heaven. We should praise God now as if we were standing before him already. We should worship him without shame or embarrassment today, demonstrating true and solid faith.

We should share with others all that God has already done for us and for them and all that He is yet to do.

We are here on earth for a short breath of time, so take advantage of the rehearsal hours today. The real thing is coming soon for each of us and we want to be as skilled as possible for that eternal chorus with millions of voices and hundreds of nations that have been waiting with us to see his glorious face and worship at his feet.

It is going to be amazing, beyond words, more than our hearts can handle.

Are you ready to sing with the nations?

Let me know what you think!