Abundant Living

**My cup runneth over** Psalm 23c

Today’s verse goes right along with verse 1b…** I shall not want**……I will lack nothing….

Every day we have so much to be thankful for ….our sight….our hearing…. our ability to walk…a healthy heart….to be free of any major disease….to be able to read, write, add and subtract….

Just with this short list we are living so much better than a large portion of the world’s population!

And then there is the joy of hugging our loved ones, having a job to pay our bills, to be able to go out and exercise and get fresh air!

We have been in the States for about 3 weeks now. Every time we are here, we are overwhelmed by the freedoms and privileges of being in America.

Some things that surprise us, but I imagine are givens for those who live here are….

Free rest areas that are clean, supplied and have HOT water!

The open, friendly, easy to talk to people that you meet everyday.

The GIANT parking spots.

The GIANT cars!

We are out West and there is SO MUCH SPACE!!! All of Spain could probably fit in one or two states.

The automatic trust of other people.

The relaxed and comfortable way everyone dresses. In Spain, being fashionable is EVERYTHING!

For me, it is easy to say that my cup runneth over. And if all these little American things aren’t enough to rejoice over, God’s provision, protection and constant presence make me want to dance and shout.

Let us know how your cup runs over. What beauty do you see in your every day? What great things is God doing on your best and worse days?

Let me know what you think!