Who do you trust?

* And in his name shall the Gentiles trust.** Matthew 12: 21

  In this short series, we have seen that Jesus Christ is the chosen One, the Beloved of God,  filled with the Holy Spirit,  and that he was a humble servant, pleasing to the Father. His treatment of others was always with gentleness and His Words and His acts left them stronger,  anger was not a part of His make-up. 

Verse 21 tells us that all of these qualities leads us to trust in Him.

Trust has been a difficult issue for each of us concerning the events of the past year.

Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. 

Many have struggled with their finances, with their health or with isolation,  but all of us have suffered in one way or another  because of the complications of the pandemic.  It has left many people sad, anxious, frustrated and depressed and unsure as to who or what information is trustworthy. 

 When we trust someone, it means that we can flee to them for protection,  whether it be for physical  or emotional  support.

 It can also be the ability to confide in someone about our most intimate thoughts and concerns, our worries, fears and desires.

 Lastly, Trust offers us hope.  Hope that the one that we go to with our troubles has the answer to resolve whatever is our current problem. 

 Everyone needs someone that they trust implicitly.  

Everyone needs someone that  will never betray them,  will never ridicule them for their situation,  and will never abandon them on their most horrible of days.

 Jesus Christ was sent to the Lost Nation of Israel. He was the Fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies concerning their Messiah.  But Israel misunderstood these prophecies and did not recognize  Jesus for who He was.  They didn’t trust Him. Although this is tragic,  their rejection of Him  opened the door for all other people groups to trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior and be forgiven of their sins. 

With no regard to  culture,  political view,  nationality,  color, or religious belief  that any human being has ever experienced,  each one of us has the opportunity to trust in the One  who is reliable,  available to hear the darkest secrets of our heart, who will never abandon us, no matter what situation we are in and He will protect us,  watch over us,  defend us and comfort us.   Jesus Christ is the very definition of Trust.

Maybe you are looking to live a life that is pleasing to God,  maybe you have anger issues,  or some other aspect of your personality that keeps you from having  the kind of relationships that you would like to have.  Maybe you’ve been hurt,  broken hearted,   disillusioned,  betrayed by someone you thought you could trust. 

 Based on the changes that have occurred in my life,  and the faithfulness that Jesus Christ has shown to me,  I can tell you that you can trust Him with all of your heart.  I encourage you to start a conversation with Him telling him all  that burdens your heart. He will listen,  he will love you  and he will be worthy of your trust.

Let me know what you think!