Trusting in the Battle

**So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me: for I trust in thy word. 119:42

We’ve been talking about the Lord’s Trust Fund, and what is waiting for us in Heaven. They are the things we yearn for every day living in a difficult, sin-filled world. We long for the peace that awaits us there. Or the **joy unspeakable and full of glory**, that will erase all memory of our broken hearts. Maybe we long for the light of the Lord that will keep darkness so far from us that it will be like it no longer exists. And Beauty, unimaginable color and beauty, we want so badly to live in a beautiful and kind world.

I remember a long season in my life when I yearned for beauty. It was a time when it seemed I only saw the ugly side of life and the ugly within myself. Ugliness, unkindness, and hurtfulness seemed to be waiting for me every morning as I woke up. I never stopped thinking about beauty during those long months. That kind of beauty where nothing is marred, broken or ugly is waiting for us in the Lord’s Trust Fund of Eternity.

**So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me: for I trust in thy word. 119:42

I imagine all of us have gone through seasons when nothing seems to go right or everyone stands up against us. A time when it is hard to see any light or beauty in our day or in our future. But we all have refuge from those seasons. We can take refuge in the hope that the Word of God gives us.

I know that it is an obvious answer. But, sometimes, when we feel surrounded by trouble or accusations, we may not be able to think straight and remember the Refuge that is right in front of us. When we are getting attacked from all sides, our emotions tend to kick in. We may try to defend ourselves against critics or complainers. We might even fight back. Or if it is really getting rough, run. Run as far as we can from those who can only see our mistakes and shortcomings and get in our face about it.

But Psalm 119, a Psalm that exalts and promotes the Word of God, reminds us that we can trust in His Word when our world is falling apart. We can run to it instead of running away. It will give us answers on how we can respond to those attacks. And we can trust that the Lord will speak directly to us and show us the way out.

Recently, I was, again, in this type of situation, filled with frustration and heartache from those that found no good in me. After being worked up about it for a few days, I went to the Lord and begged Him to help and show me how to deal with it. I knew He would help but was not expecting His answer. He spoke to me from His Word and told me, ** For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.** Galatians 6:3. OUCH!!

**So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me: for I trust in thy word. 119:42

It was not the kind of answer that I was expecting. I thought He would say something like, ** I called upon the LORD in distress: the LORD answered me, and set me in a large place. ** Psalm 118:5

I thought He would say they were wrong and I had every right to fight back or that He would deal with them. But He didn’t. He dealt with me instead. He dealt with my pride and self-righteousness. He humbled me, not them.

And it worked. I was calmer. I could see what He was trying to tell me and was able to correct my attitude. I trusted that He gave me the right answer, even though it wasn’t the one I wanted. The others attitudes didn’t change right away, but once I stopped letting them get to me, and I now understood that I didn’t DESERVE for people to treat me better, little by little things did get better.

**So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me: for I trust in thy word. 119:42

Trust doesn’t mean we always get what we want, when we want or how we want. Trust is allowing God to have the last word and letting Him always be right, even if it hurts. Even when He reminds us that He is the only One who is Holy and Perfect all the time. Not us.

We all read the Bible and desire to learn more from the Lord. We all want to do what is right. And we all want to hear something personal from Him when we need it. The thing is that, sometimes, we have to take what He says on the chin and keep going anyway. It is His job to keep us going in the right direction. We can trust Him to do that, even if it hurts. His Word will always be right. Especially when we are wrong.

Let me know what you think!