This Little Light of Mine!!

In This Little Light of Mine, we will talk about……….

** But after that the kindness and love of God our Savior toward man appeared…** Titus 3:4

This may be my favorite verse in the Bible. Every time I come across it in my reading, I love it more!

If we stopped and took the time to dwell on the news that is on our television and in our newspapers, we would clearly see the dark side of humanity. Wars, riots, sex trafficking, drug lords, and gangs that enter cities to murder and pillage are just a few of the horrible behaviors that people are capable of.

Recently, we had the opportunity to meet and work with a Ukrainian family that had to flee their homeland due to the Russian invasion. The stories they told us about the invading soldiers and their barbaric acts would make anyone sick. They didn’t need to watch the daily news, they witnessed first hand the ugliest side of human sinfulness.

Now, imagine what it is like for God. He sees everything. He knows everything. He witnesses, everyday, all sin everywhere, done by all people groups. All at once. I understand He is Holy. I know He lives in a perfect Heaven. But He also sees and knows all that we earthlings do.

And yet, He loves all of us. Still, He shows us kindness. Even when He knows we are capable of the most vile of all vile things, His response was and is….How can we help them? How can we fix this problem? How can we reach out to them with love and kindness?

He found the answer to these questions and to all of the corruption and violence and immorality. He sent His Son Jesus Christ and even allowed Him to experience some of that violence and envy and betrayal. I can’t even imagine how He was able to do that.

Now, because of the Lord’s love and kindness to all of mankind, any of us can have a fresh start when we trust in the sacrificial act of Jesus Christ. Every one of us can be a new creature. We can be different. We can walk in light, be light and escape the darkness and push it back. We can do good and not evil. We can love instead of hate. We can help instead of injure.

And the best part of God’s kindness and love towards us? Forgiveness for all the bad we ever did and will ever do.

And once we receive His forgiveness…when the Lord looks down on our planet and sees the darkness over every country, city and town…

He sees light! Little flickers of light! Like little candles lit up everywhere!

Light that is US, you and I !!!!!!!!!

Light that is pushing back the darkness! Light that reflects a little bit of His love and kindness! Light that offers to others what we have already received!

The Lord sees those that believe in His Son and He sees that though we were once a part of the darkness we are now His lights shining with His message and His Spirit. He no longer sees us as blotches of darkness!

Not because we are good or better, but because ** His mercy saved us ** from ourselves!! He renewed us, recreated us and then ** shed on us abundantly** more love, kindness, grace and mercy!! A RICH bundle of mercy!

Only God can show up at the right time and do the right thing and fix it all!

So, if you are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed or frustrated with life today, think on these things.

You are saved! You are now light! You live in the love and kindness of God right now! You do NOT walk in darkness anymore! You have a purpose! You can glorify Him just by not being like the violent, corrupt people.

You can help, encourage, serve, lift up, smile, bless, do right and shine for Him in this dark world !!! You can love your neighbor, your boss, and your family with God’s love.

Go ahead and sing the Sunday School song! I know you want to!

This little light of mine!! I’m gonna let it shine!


6 thoughts on “This Little Light of Mine!!”

  1. Loved this and yes, I always wonder how God can handle seeing all the pain and trouble going on, but he sees the very end that we dont.

    1. So true, Nancy! The Lord knows that He is going to triumph over all the evil once and for all. It is harder for us to keep that in mind, but little daily victories of faith in His plan will help us to not give up. And the best remedy to today’s evil is to convert them all to Him! Much love to you, Nancy!

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