The Happiness verse!!!

**Blessed is the man….** Psalm 1:1

Did you ever just wish you could be happy? That life wasn’t filled with so many problems and so much hassle? That maybe you could just run off to the mountains or to a deserted island where life would be completely on your own terms and it would be hassle free?

I know I have!

But the thing is that both of these are just complete fantasy. If we should take the plunge and head off to a deserted island, what would be the reality of living there? Beasts of the forest? Typhoons on the island? Shortage of supplies while we learn how to fish and hunt game or find forestral herbs? The reality is that we are not looking for a reality, we are looking for an imaginary escape. A television fantasy. Which means that running away really won’t make us happy.

So, why aren’t we happy in the first place? Is there something that we could maybe change in our day-to-day life that would help us live more consistently in a state of happiness? This first verse of Psalm 1 gives us some ideas to reflect on, to examine our own lives and see if there’s something we can do to be happier.

Blessed are they… or Happy are they that…do a few simple things… let’s look at the three things this verse teaches us about happiness.

Let’s take an objective look at the things we do and the people that are in our world and think about whether all of that is bringing us the happiness we desire. Let’s ask ourselves what we have built our life on and what we are filling our hearts with. I think we might be surprised at the answers.

Let me know what you think!