The Best of Friends

**But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the LORD will hear when I call unto him.**   Psalm 4:3

Have you ever made a new friend?   Have you ever found someone who likes what you like,  who shares your taste, your passions?  Maybe you find ways to spend more time with him/her because you know you’re both on the same wavelength and being together  just makes life better and a bit easier? And if that friend is someone who  listens to you and is actually  interested in your thoughts and hurts and problems, so much so that they sympathize, empathize and care what’s happening to you and are willing to walk through the dark days WITH you?  A friend that calls you, sends  you a note, knows your likes and dislikes? Don’t you want everyone else to know how wonderful they are? Don’t you end up talking about them in nearly every conversation you have in a positive way?

I believe this is how God thinks about us when He calls us His friend in John 15.  He is this sacrificing and faithful friend to us.   When we learn about Him and understand Him and listen to Him and  enjoy spending time with Him, Psalm 4 tells us that God sets us apart, sanctifies us,  and sets us in a favored place, like a special friend that He wants extra time with. God is so intertwined with these friends of His, that He is there, waiting for them, ready, listening for their voice, just waiting for a way to help, to encourage, to strengthen, or to just  enjoy a day together. It is the sweetest of friendships.

Do you think this is how the psalmist David saw God?  Did David see God as a faithful companion that kept him company while he was alone with his sheep out in the countryside? Was God a friend that stayed by his side when it seemed that everyone else was against him and he was hiding in caves? Was He someone he could talk to about anything, anytime, and anywhere? I think so.  And this special friendship that David and God had is what each of us can cultivate today with God and with others. 

We need to ask ourselves if we are true friends of God? Or is  He just our escape route when things don’t go the way we planned? Is He the One that we run to when no one ELSE is around to help? Or is He the first one we talk to in the morning and the last one at night? Do we invite Him to come along with us in everything we do each day?

David makes this declaration…**The LORD will hear when I call him.**  Of course, He will hear us, because He is everywhere and He knows all things, but if we have built a close relationship with Him I believe He stands a little closer, because He wants to hear from us, He looks forward to it everyday. He doesn’t listen to us just because it is His job. I believe He loved hearing from David.  Yes, God rescued him out of a lot of trouble, but David also went to God with his normal days, to talk to Him, worship Him, praise Him and to stay as close to Him as he knew how, no matter what kind of day He was having. And then when things got tough, David knew exactly who he could count on to be there for him. 

We can learn a lot about friendship from David and His God, don’t you think?

I have to ask myself, what kind of friend am I? How about you?

Let me know what you think!