Sweeter Than Honey

**More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.** Psalm 19:10

**…in keeping of them there is great reward.** v10b

The Word of God, its precepts, testimonies, laws and commandments are not about a list of do´s and don´ts, but they are guiding lights for a fruitful life. They are sweeter than honey, they make our lives happier as they lead us away from negative life choices, and push us towards a right and clearly lighted path.

They open our eyes, teach us right from wrong, they encourage us and build our faith and they assure us daily of God´s love for his creation.

The cherry on top of this honey sweetened path is that God rewards those that walk his path and teach others to do so. God does not ask us to follow him and then leave us high and dry. He provides for us, protects us, and completes everyone of the promises that He makes to us. Always.

It is beyond our imagination all that waits for us on the other side of eternity. God is not a cheapskate Father. He is abundantly generous to a point that we can feel spoiled and pampered at times in this life giving us a bit of insight of what is waiting for us in Heaven.

In his Son, Jesus Christ , the Living Word, we see the essence of the godman that loved people, and always found a way to refresh others, healing them of diseases of body and heart, offering his friendship and faithful companionship.

He shows us how to live out, day to day, his Word with practical lessons written in his own creation.

To read is to grow, to learn is to improve, to teach is to bear fruit. To live His Word is to invest in a secure and abundant today and tomorrow.

Don´t miss out on a little honey today!!

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