Snore Nuggets!!!

**These are their generations. ** 1 Chronicles 1:29

When was the last time any of us read 1 Chronicles. Isn’t it one of those books of the Bible that we want to skip over? It is just one long list of name after name after name. It is the kind of book that is dangerous to read if we want to get something done, because it might just put us to sleep.

But what I’ve learned is that if we can just hang in there with this book, there are some sweet nuggets hidden in its chapters.

Did you ever ask yourself ….What ever happened to Esau? …chapter 1 of 1 Chronicles tells us a bit about Esau’s kingdom.

Or maybe we wondered where did all those enemies of Israel that had to be killed when they went in to conquer the Promised Land come from? 1 Chronicles 1 tells us about that as well.

In chapter 2 we see the sons of Israel (Jacob) and some of the daughters. It is not often that we hear about the daughters and sisters. But this chapter gives us a little insight into them and the Lord’s fair treatment of them.

In Chapter 3, we hear about David and his sons. So many more sons than we thought he had, right? More than Absalom and Amnon and Solomon. We never hear much about the others. And there are quite a few others. It gives us a new glimpse of what it was like for David to pack up and run from Saul and Absalom when they wanted them dead. There were a lot of children on the run with him! It was a complicated escape and dangerous for all those children.


In Chapter 4, we learn a bit more about Ephratah and Bethlehem. And then there is Jabez, a man of vision and commitment and character. A man that knew how and what to pray. Chapter 4 also lets us know about the first artisans. Linen workers. Potters. Gardeners.

Chapter 5 offers us some very sweet nuggets about Jesus. Yes, Jesus. Verse 2 tells us that from Judah ** of him came the chief ruler**. Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. By the end of the chapter you see that we learn a bit about Reuben, Gad and Manasseh. They were skilled warriors who also remembered that the victory came from God and not their strength alone. It even says that ** the war was of God**. We understand a little better that our God at times provokes war and is still the Prince of Peace. War for God opens the opportunity to rid the world of some of its evil. This chapter could be meditated on for quite a while.

All of that is hidden in 5 long chapters of names and lists. Nuggets. Nuggets that we need to stay awake for. Nuggets that are easy to miss if we are in a hurry. Nuggets that enrich our reading. Nuggets that keep us searching amidst a large bed of boring, monotonous stones.

Some chapters in the Bible have their repetitions, their snoozer moments. But hidden in between the stones are golden nuggets that are there waiting for us to discover.

As we finish this first book of Chronicles, we see at least one more thing. The little jobs are important to God. Wherever we serve the Lord, however public or private our ministry and time we give to Him, God sees it and He remembers who we are and what we’ve done. He remembers our name and the place we serve. Whether we are guarding His treasures ( caring for children in nursery or Sunday School) or we are standing at the doors (porters) welcoming those who come in to church and helping them feel comfortable and safe, or we are serving over the sacred instruments ( like the Lord’s Supper), everything we do is written down. Everything is remembered and the Lord promises we will be rewarded. Maybe here, maybe not until Heaven. But He sees us, He honors our name for doing any and every little thing that we do out of love and honor for Him.

Snore nuggets. The tough reading. The repetitious and seemingly unrewarded moments of our service to the Lord. He sees it all. He loves us for it. He blesses us here and will bless us more in eternity. So, stay awake and watch for the golden nuggets hidden in the rocks and sand of monotony.

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