Paul’s Advice for a Happy New Year!

** And herein I give my advice: for this is expedient for you, who have begun before, not only to do, but also to be forward a year ago. 2 Corinthians 8:10

Does anyone else have verses written out and posted on their bathroom mirror or wall? Or maybe in the kitchen over the sink? Somewhere that we see them everyday and can read them and think about them and ask the Lord’s help to learn their principles?

Mine are on the bathroom wall and they have been there for a good long while…I would say at least two years. I was thinking that it was time for me to learn some new verses. I don’t mean memorize them, but learn them. So, I have been asking the Lord guide me to a few new ones. A few verses that deal with my weaker areas. Verses that can clean up the hidden parts of my heart.

Of course, He has been faithful and kind to me and has answered me.

Today’s verse isn’t really one of them, but it came to mind as I sat down to write and a few quick thoughts about this verse came to me.

First of all, Paul says, ** and herein I give my advice**. Advice. Just a few words to get us thinking.

So what is his advice?

That it is necessary for us to keep doing. To do more. More than we did last year. But Paul is specific that doing is not enough. ** Not only to do**….but….

To BE forward a year ago.

His advice is to BE more. To be more today than yesterday. To be more in 2022 than in 2021.

We have all gone through the past 2 years of the pandemic with our own measure of pain and trials. Hopefully, we have learned some things. About pandemics, laws, handling a crisis…and about ourselves. How well did we do? Were we leaders of good things? Were we encouraging and comforting and sensitive to others? Did we leave others stronger, comforted, hopeful when we had the chance?

Are we the same inside that we were 2 years ago? Do we see people and life itself and purpose and priorities the same way we did 2 years ago? Have we changed, grown, and matured? Is the change evident enough that others see it too? And is the change positive? Do we see ourselves better equipped for the next crisis?

Many will take time this weekend to reevaluate their lives and will make decisions, resolutions for the New Year. Surely, some will consider dieting, exercise, spend more time with family….

Paul advises us to make a bigger commitment than what we see on the outside. He advises us TO BE more. To grow our inside self. To open more of our life and heart to the Lord. To let Him be more in charge. To ask Him to show us what needs some work. To BE available to more of Him. To take a step forward into scarier territory. To BE brave enough to face ourselves and allow the Lord to change the unchanged parts.

The New Year is a great time for a fresh start. A time to BE more than we were in 2021. With the Lord’s help.

Let me know what you think!