He Will Fight for You!

** He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel. ** Psalm 103:7

‘Bless the Lord , O my soul and forget not his benefits.’ Like the benefit of a personal God who is also concerned and watches over our nations. He desires a personal relationship with each of His children and He desires the devotion of His church. Whether we respond personally or corporately, God is God and He will not fail to do His part.

** He made known his ways unto Moses** A murderer. A man who grew up enjoying all of the riches that this world could offer. A privileged life. A pampered life. The first time he encounters trouble and injustice when out on his own, he kills the offender. Betraying all that Pharaoh gave him, all that his natural family tried to instill in him in the few years that he was with them as well. He became the king of self-righteousness, lording over others and handing down severe and merciless judgment making himself his own god.

And then he ran. Far away.

After many years of learning how to live without the comforts and privileges of Egypt, without the automatic reverence and honor that is bestowed on the rich and the royal, he learned to scrape out a living in the desert as a shepherd. He was humbled. He learned some wisdom and patience. He lost his sense of entitlement.

Moses continued to learn deeper qualities than those he learned in Pharaoh’s palace. He learned to keep his word, to be diligent, to work by the sweat of his brow and be proud of doing what is necessary to provide for his family. He learned even more qualities that he would need to be a leader. Like not running away when confronted with problems, but finding a right solution.

Which all brought him to an encounter with God himself. He heard His voice. He saw a flare of His brilliance and His majesty and He received his purpose in life. The reason he was spared when all other little boys were massacred. The reason he had to be separated from the world and be used of a Sovereign and Holy God. Moses stayed there on the mount long enough to understand clearly what the Lord asked of him.

** his acts unto the children of Israel. ** All that time that the Lord was teaching Moses, He was also working in the lives and hearts of the nation of Israel, preparing them for the day of deliverance.

By sending Moses, Israel’s faith and hope was restored. They saw miracles that none of us have ever had the privilege to see. They experienced a wonder and a terror unlike they had ever known. Chapters are dedicated to all that the Lord did for them while delivering them by destroying Egypt’s wealth and its gods and its army. Not by murdering just one man, the was Moses tried to deal with Israel’s suffering. The Lord took out the entire kingdom of Egypt and all that was dear to them.

Forget not all His benefits.

The Lord fights for each of us, for our family, and for our nation. He can and He will fulfill His promises. He will take down the oppressors, personal and national. He will show His mighty hand, so that we all will know Him in a way that we hadn’t before. He will speak into our lives personally and He will deal with the world around us. His way. In His time. For His glory and not our own. Just like He did for Moses.

Forget not all his benefits.

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