He calls YOU by Name!

**Oh Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!**   Psalm 8:1

So, yesterday’s post really got me thinking. other post The names of God tell us of his character, his qualities, his gifts, his power, his eternalness, his essence. And beyond that  list of names and their definitions we build a picture of the complete being of God.  We can add additional  names to the list, God the Father,  God, the son, Jesus Christ,  and God, the Holy Spirit.  All of these names put together from these two posts, gives us a more clear idea of who God really is.  They dispel the fancified, theoretical, philosophical, erroneous ideas of who God is. If we just dwell on the meanings of the names of God, he is so much bigger and greater and more magnificent than anything we’ve ever imagined!

That brings me to what caught my attention in the last post.   What are MY names?  What do they mean? What do they say about me?   What bigger picture would people have of me if someone gave me such a long list of names?   Would any of the names of God also describe me?  

 Am I peace?

 Am I love?

Am I dependable and true?

 Or is it more likely that my name’s would be….



 Easily provoked





 Obsessive compulsive


Proverbs 22  tells us **a good name is rather to be  chosen than great riches,  and loving favor rather than silver and gold.**   So, if we hear the names of God and admire his characteristics,  and part of our purpose is to be transformed into the image of Christ which is the image of God,  it would seem wise if we took a look at our own name to know what we are known for,  and what bigger picture others have of us. 

Some names are positive,  others are not so positive.   All the names of God are positive and flattering to His existence. Maybe our names are not quite as magnificent as His.  But that doesn’t mean that we should  get depressed,  cry in our pillow,  or eat a pound of chocolate to make us feel better.   All we need to do is to just get up and get to work on ourselves.   Not in a psychological,  philosophical,  ethereal way  but in a truthful,   by faith,  and courageous way.  

For example,  let’s say one of our names is fearful.  A better name for us could be… courageous. Life will bring us many opportunities to choose between  fearful and courageous.  The next time you tell yourself your name is “I am afraid”,  change your name to “I am brave”.  Face what you fear, knowing by faith, that God is with you and will strengthen you and will sustain you as you step forward against fear. 

Before you know it,  your name will be Courageous before God and before others. You’ve changed your name!!

That’s the beginning of a really good  name list.

 So, what is your name?

Let me know what you think!