Guest Post–Ginny McKenzie–Part 2

Being a Widow ( If you missed part 1 you can read it here)

Update April 27, 2021

It’s now been six and a half years since I became a widow. I’ve gotten much better at giving my days and hours to the Lord. I ask Him to lead me from one thought or task to the next. It’s not about getting the jobs done, but reaching out at His leading to call a friend and chat, or write a note to mail, or compose a text of encouragement. Any actual task/chore or work that needs to be done will get done…in the right time, His time, no longer mine.

During the Covid19 shutdowns I wished my husband was here to share perspectives. But since he wasn’t I just let it all out in my journaled daily prayer letters to God. He is the One who really knows what is going on and I rested in Him being in control of it all no matter what it looked like to most. I prayed it would cause people to pause and see their great need of the Saviour Jesus Christ. Many reports make me believe this has and is still happening!

I feel settled in the Lord. It took about five years to fully realize my place in His plans. It took that long to become “just me.” I have my family, and my church family and my clients who become my valued friends.(I help people with Medicare) but it’s just me coming into my parsonage home in the evening and on weekends.

I’m the chief everything, and I have my routines that no one else interferes with. So I am alone most of the time, just me and God. He has become my everything without distraction. I am deeply content.

Other widows who are focused on the gracious presence of their Saviour say similar things. However, those that are not connected to God by faith through Jesus Christ are looking for human comfort. We don’t realize how vulnerable we are in that position. Why not look to God first, above everything else we might think would help. He wants to reveal Himself to you. He heals, satisfies, loves and can grace and order your life and priorities in the Best Way and for your greatest happiness.

Let me know what you think!