Good Morning!!

 **My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, oh LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.** Psalm 5:3

Don’t you just love the quiet of the morning? Here in our city, it is the calmest time of the day. There is little traffic, no one is partying under our window, the trash collectors have finished their noisy, yet, much appreciated work, the gypsies have put away their guitars and the birds are singing in the nearby trees. It is the perfect moment  to read and pray and sort out the coming day. 

Does every day start out this same way for you? Everything so calm and perfect? No phones buzzing, no children needing help with their breakfast or finding their shoes or asking where their Math book is? Maybe your boss has called you in early and you and everyone else  is now racing around trying to grab something to eat before running out the door? 

The thing is that, sometimes we forget that many of the psalms were written out in a large meadow, while the sheep munched on the greenery and the dogs were asleep next to the morning fire. And other times they were written in a cave, while David waited and waited, day after day, to know if he was going to escape King Saul’s murderous hand.  And other times when he himself was King  and had a house full of servants caring for his every need. 

So, what does this mean for us? Hurried, overwhelmed, frustrated, maybe even in a panic to get it all done and not lose our minds? It means that it is okay to be real. I think my favorite prayer in the Bible is ‘Help, Lord!’ Psalm 12:1! I love it! It is straight and to the point! God, there is no time to explain, just help!!! Help with the kids and help with the millin errands and help with dealing with overtime at work!! Just HELP GOD!!! And you know, that’s enough. Because we need to remember that God already knows everything about us and what is happening to us. He sees and hears and knows everything!! Before we do!! 

And then there are the quiet moments when everything is in order or at least everyone is in bed! Those are the times when you can really have a talk with God and get into the details. Mornings are great if that works for you, but lately, my husband and I find that 10 o’clock at night is one of our quietest times. Everything is winding down and the phones have stopped buzzing with new messages, and Amazon is  not delivering a package. Whenever is the right time for you, that’s the best time for God to hear your voice. But, really, as His child, just like our own childrens’ voice, any time is a good time to talk.

Let me know what you think!