For His Name´s Sake

**He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name´s sake.** Psalm 23:3

Our walk with God has 2 parts.

1-God gifts us His Son to save our soul and then gives us the comfort and the firm hope of eternal life. We do not have to fear death nor anything that happens in our today because He is always at our side. We are never alone. And in eternity we will be with him.

2-This part falls on us. The paths of righteousness. God guides us according to verse 3 of Psalm 23 but the final decisions are up to us. We choose to follow and obey him in his paths or we choose another.

These two parts bring us to the last 4 words of the verse…


God saves us not only for our benefit, which is a great benefit! But He also does it to show us how powerful He is. Who or what else can truly save our souls and give us inner peace? Every one of us that is a newborn child of God demonstrates His power and glory by the changes that others see in us. It is for HIS NAME´S SAKE. To glorify HIM !!

And our new lives, that we live by new rules and new perspectives and new priorities also glorify His name! Others will see the change and want to know how it happened.

Every day we have to fight the feeling and the idea and the natural tendency to think that this life is about us. It is not! It is about Him! It is about Him in us!!

So, today, choose well. Choose right. Because all that we do, reflects on HIS name.

Let me know what you think!