A Victory Dance!

** O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me. O LORD, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit. ** Psalm 30:2,3

David wrote this song for the dedication of his house. He is in a moment of celebration, completely focused on many of the victories that God has given him. …

Healings, rescuing him from his enemies and from battles, answers in his favor for many needs over the years.

When we read the entire Psalm, we see that although David had many problems over his lifetime, he also had many, many victories. In this psalm, David describes them a bit metaphorically, but he remembers each one.

I wonder if maybe David is looking back at his life as a shepherd of his father’s sheep. Of the times that God helped him fight off a bear and a lion. Most likely he is thinking of the time he was called in from the field so that Samuel could anoint him king. I imagine that was a memorable moment.

And now, in this celebration, he sees God’s promise fulfilled. He is king of Israel, God has protected him over and over. He has built a house. A permanent place to live. Not another cave to hide in. Not a tent to sleep in while he awaits battle and not cold ground next to his sheep. David is home.

Each of us could write our own victory song. All we have to do is look back on our lives and remember those landmark moments. Maybe our wedding day, the day our children were born, the day God had mercy on our soul and gave us a fresh start in life. I also think of the season when God gave my husband and I a heart for missions. The day we left on an airplane to begin a new life in a new culture. And his faithfulness to watch over us as we learned how to live there. There are too many moments to name them all.

God is present and faithful and protective of those who believe in him and follow him from day to day. David saw it. Moses saw it. Noah too. From Genesis to Revelation we see God’s faithfulness to those who trust in him. Even in tragedies, a child of God does not suffer as a non-believer does in a crisis. Because we have hope. Always there is hope. Even if we have said farewell to a loved one, they are waiting in eternity and we will see them again.

Take some time today and remember the landmark moments of your life and sing! Dance! Celebrate God’s faithfulness, grace and mercy in your life. David did.

Let me know what you think!