A Little Bit

** For the promise, that he should be the heir of the world, …** Romans 4:13

A little bit goes a long way.

In Helper of Many, we talked about how each of us matters in the Kingdom of God. Throughout Paul’s journeys, we hear a lot about Timothy and Luke and Peter, and several other ‘big’ names that worked along side him. Although Paul appreciated and needed his team of workers that fought on the spiritual front lines with him, he also recognized that those who worked in the background helped to keep what he had started on track. Paul would enter a city, preach, teach and find those who were sensitive to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, and establish a New Testament church. Then he would leave, visiting them again a few years later.

So, who kept the church going forward and growing in wisdom and understanding and outreach? The ‘little’ people. The ones that weren’t called to the same kind of vagabond ministry that Paul had. The ones that were hungry to learn more and that wanted to share the ‘little’ bit that they already knew. The ones that are the core of any church. The faithful. The diligent. The ones who have a testimony of having their lives changed by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Yes, they have a pastor or elders to lead them, but one cannot be a leader if there is no one to lead.

It makes me think of the boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes. He had so little but he was willing to share it and it fed thousands.

I think of the woman with the alabaster box. The only precious thing she had, her little bit of wealth, and she poured it out on Jesus’ feet and it changed the aroma of the room! It impacted everyone in that upper room. It was a sweet savor to Jesus, the Father and to everyone there at that time. Today, it is recorded for us to learn from her.

Do you remember Naaman and his leprosy? He was a commander to the Syrian army. His wife had a young servant girl from Israel, a slave, captured by his army. This young girl could have cowered in fear and misery over her circumstances, but she chose to be a woman of faith, just like Joseph chose to be a man of faith in Egypt. When given the opportunity, she spoke up and mentioned the healing power of the Lord’s prophet. She could have kept quiet and let Naaman die from his leprosy, but with compassion and faith she offered him help. This ‘little’ girl changed Naaman’s life forever.

And Rahab? A woman with a not-great reputation. But a woman of faith, and when given her golden opportunity, just like the servant girl in Naaman’s life had, she hid the spies and kept them safe. Which led to the conquering of the Promised Land and the safety of her own family. She did a ‘little’ thing that earned her a spot in the lineage of Christ.

We all know Sarah, at 90 years old! , received her husband’s affection and became pregnant with Isaac, the prince of a new nation and now, with Abraham, heirs of the world. A ‘little’ thing, that brought great reward.

Every day we have the chance to do something eternal. Every day we can show someone God’s love and point them to Him and His power. Every day we can look for opportunities to be a blessing. To point someone to the One who can solve all their problems and help them walk through them. Every day we can be a friend. Every day we can tell someone something that the Lord has done for us or that He can do for them. It doesn’t have to be something grandiose, or shouted from a stage. It just has to be done with faith, trusting that the Lord will do something amazing with it. We know that we can make the same dramatic impact on history because we see it happen over and over again in the Bible just by doing some ‘little’ thing.

So, don’t be afraid to be brave, generous, compassionate, or faithful because a ‘little’ bit goes a long way.

What ‘little’ bit can you give away today?

Let me know what you think!