5 Great Reasons to be Happy Everyday!

5 Great Reasons to be Happy is a great reminder to all of us to stop and discover the positive things that each of us has in our own lives. We all know that dwelling on our hardships will only bring us more discouragement and frustration. But once we determine to find the positive side of life, the number of reasons that we can find to be happy just keeps going up.

What are the first 5 Great Reasons to be Happy?

  1. FAITH–** So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham. ** Galatians 3:9–Faith is the first Reason to be Happy all the time. As children of the most high God, we have immediate access to Him in any difficult situation. Psalm 146:5 agrees with Galatians 3 when it tells us that **Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God:** If we think a little about Abraham’s and Jacob’s lives, and their problems and their mistakes, we are reminded that the Lord can turn any bad situation into something good. Faith helps us to anticipate a positive outcome to our problems and it gives us peace that the Lord is with us even if they don’t come out the way we would like.

2. REQUIREMENT–**Rejoice in the Lord alway, and again I say, Rejoice. ** Philippians 4:4 Faith is something we choose, but once we are living by faith, God requires us to be happy. It is a commandment. It is required of God’s people to be happy. We need to remember that we are children of the King. We are princes and princesses, something that many only daydream about that they could some day be. We are Royals! We have direct access to the King. We are favored because we are His children. We will one day inherit all that He has waiting for us. And while we wait for the day that we will experience all of this, we can be happy in the midst of our troubles here because we know that the future holds something better!

3. SALVATION–** the eunuch saw him (Phillip) no more: and he went on his way rejoicing **. (Acts 8:39b). We know the story about the Ethiopian eunuch and how he was seeking answers to his questions about God and faith in Him. We remember how the Lord sent Phillip to him, and how Phillip helped him to understand how to be saved from his sins, explaining it from the book of Isaiah. Once he placed his faith in Christ, the eunuch was anticipating the next step: baptism. Once that was done, and Phillip was sent away to tell others the same message, the eunuch heads back home rejoicing (he was happy!). Salvation changed his countenance, his feelings, and his future. He had a lot to be happy about, and so do we! If being happy is a struggle for any of us, we might be wise to go back to the day we found Christ and remember just how much He changed in us and how differently we look at life today than we did before. It will put a smile on our face, for sure!

Be happy today!

4. A NEW SONG–the fourth reason we have to be happy everyday is that the Lord has given us something to sing about! ** And he hath put a new song in our mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord. ** Psalm 40:3 If we are carrying all of our problems around with us, we close our mouths and worry and fret and fear and our face shows it! Who will want to know our God if we walk around like He doesn’t even exist? We are called ambassadors for Christ, looking happy to represent Him might help us with our public image 😉

5. HOPE–Number 5 of 5 Great Reasons to be Happy is Hope. We all know people who live with no hope. They face each day waiting for something bad to happen. They can only see the dark cloud and never see the silver lining. But living with hope brings joy, anticipation of good things and Romans 12:12 tells us that it is a life theme to be **rejoicing in hope: ** Romans 5:2 also reminds us that ** by whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God** This verse also brings us back to Reason #1: Faith and Reason #3: Salvation. Faith brought us to God, and to salvation and both of these yield the fruit of hope for today and for eternity.

These are all 5 Great Reasons to be Happy. In our next post, we will talk about 5 more Great Reasons to be Happy. I imagine that we may be able to find even more than 5 reasons. We would all love to hear what the Lord has given you that gives you a Reason to Be Happy! Leave your Reasons in the Comments section below!

Have a Happy Day!!!

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