Our Channel to Eternity

**Unto thee, O LORD, do I Iift up my soul.** Psalm 25:1

David declares that he has put his soul in the hands of God. It is the first important step for anyone if they want to find peace for today and for all of their tomorrows. If someone has not taken this step, nothing else that they do can bring them lasting and eternal peace.

The soul is our channel to eternity. A precious eternity in the presence of the Saviour or an eternity in a torturous hell. Every human being needs to make this same declaration that David made thousands of years ago.

Without this small phrase or one like it, one’s soul will be lost, forever. But when we pray as David prayed, putting our soul in God’s hands, we are trusting in the power of Christ to save our soul from its sins …and He will fill it with peace and hope.

Christ will then come to dwell in him/her and He will never leave. He takes up permanent residence. We are one with him.

We can live in harmony with the Creator of the universe. He desires that we would, but He leaves the decision to us.

If you are dealing with all the confusion and anarchy of this past year of Covid, without the presence of God himself dwelling inside you, I imagine this year has been nearly unbearable. Peace seems unattainable. Fear chokes and overwhelms.

Nearly 40 years ago, I hungered for peace and hope. I was miserable in every area of my life. But the moment I put everything in God’s hands, after trying many other ways to find peace, He filled my heart and soul with joy and a peace that has lasted these four decades.

If you are struggling today, for whatever reason, to find peace and rest for your soul. Do like David did. Lift up your heart and soul to him and find the peace that passes all understanding in the person of Jesus Christ.

Let me know what you think!